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Rockshox Pike Fork

For some years, the Rockshox PIKE was out of the picture, but has now come back with a bang in the market. This is one of the most amazing products that Rockshox has ever produced. This is so good a fork that I will not hesitate to say that whether you are going for a smooth ride in single track or a rough ride in the rockiest terrain in the world, the PIKE is what you are looking for.

Ultimate in its own class!

Rockshox is said to have claimed that the PIKE rides high and resists brake dive. Well, I couldn’t agree with them more. This has not one competitor in this weight class. It is outstanding in all sizes.

Such varied features in a single product:

There are three versions in which this is offered by PIKE that are 26, 27.5 and 29ers. It is available both in Dual position and Solo. The range of the travel is 140 to 106 mm. The charge damper too is to die for, literally.

Travel26”/27.5” – 150mm, 160mm; 29” – 140mm, 150mm
Wheels26", 29"
Weight26” – 1835g (4.05 lb), 27.5” – 1861g (4.10 lb), 29” – 1876g (4.14 lb)
DampingCharger Damper
Available SpringsSolo Air, Dual Position Air
AdjustmentsExternal rebound, low speed compression to lock
Steerer OptionsTapered aluminum
CrownForged, hollow 7050 aluminum
Upper Tubes35mm, Tapered Wall Aluminum, Fast Black
LowersMagnesium, 15X100mm Maxle Ultimate
Recommended Rear ShockMonarch, Monarch Plus, Vivid Air
Maximum Rotor Size200mm
Color OptionsBlack, Diffusion Black, White
OtherWeight based on 265mm tapered aluminum steerer, 15mm Maxle
Retail AvailabilityMay 2015

Talking of the charger damper:

One of the most unique features is that the charger damper that this contains is a sealed single-piece damper cartridge that is claimed to be much less prone to contamination that the simple motion control system that is found on other forks. It is also said that this damper has made it possible for the engineers to tune the damping curve. This tuning will help the fork to be swishy on a trail clatter. Typically, in other kinds of forks, there is some air always in the cartridge. This causes the oil to not compress well. The result of this is that the fork is not able to absorb the impacts. In RockShox: The case is however contrary to this one in this product. The system is entirely closed and fully pressurized which prevents the air from getting in it. Also, at all times it is full of oil that ensures that foaming is as less as possible even on extensive use of it causing it absorb impacts as much as possible. The mesmerizing design and exterior: The exterior of the fork is also quite impressive. This big fork has a good enough large crown that is 35 mm stanchions and burly lowers. On giving this fork a much closer look, you will realize that every attempt has been made by Rockshox to cut down on unnecessary weight as much as possible. Material has been taken off from the non-braking leg as the stress put on this leg is much more than that of the other one i.e. the braking leg.

I agree that it is hard to say that the product is absolutely seamless and flawless. But on my part, I haven’t managed to find any flaws yet. There is an absolute state of enchantment while you are riding the bike with this fork. The specialists at Competitive Cyclist have some great deals on the Rockshox Pike RCT3 at the moment we wanted you to know about!

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